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At CEO Holdings, LLC  we strive for customer service. We understand how image and first impressions can make or break a start-up company. We offer a wide range of services to help boost your company image to the next level! We are a family owned and operated. We also occupy part of the building for our other companies. We strive for service, and to help your company keep a great image of excellence. In addition, we are a small business as well, and we thrive on helping others succeed with us and help foster great networking relationships.

Finding an office space is one of the most important things your starting or moving company, and as everyone knows its always a stressful decision. Don’t go it alone. We’re the best in the business being friendly, knowledgeable, affordable, and waiting to help you today.

Donald Haney

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Adam Haney

Chief Operations Manager
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Ryan Haney

Director of Business Development & Retention
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