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CEO Holdings, LLC has set the bar high. We are a class A Executive Suite Center located in the heart of Roseville. We are within walking distance of the Fountains Lifestyle Shopping Center and the Galleria Mall. Over half a billion dollars’ worth of business is transacted within a half a mile of our building. In addition, we are within five to ten minutes (depending on traffic) to either Highway 65 or Business 80

Why chose us? We offer more back-end business support than any other company. We have unique services in addition to the “standard” services other executive suite centers have. These unique and optional services include but are not limited to Payroll, HR support, I.T. support, Administrative support, Virtual Receptionist, Full-Service Accounting (including Taxes), Business Support, and Concierge Services.

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We offer

General services we provide to all tenants.

Your choice of one of three rooms that are available for procurement by using our online booking software. Each room rents by the hour, and a minimum of 16 hours is included in most packages.
Our outgoing mail is hand delivered twice daily, on weekdays. We can also send Certified Mail, including international. Moreover, we will also ship UPS, FedEx, and On Trac. All you have to do is tell us what, when and where, then leave it at that. *Additional fees may apply.
We staff the front desk during business hours. The receptionist is there to greet guests, answer phones, handle mail, witness document signings, print paperwork, disperse paperwork or packages, and even bring food or beverages to guests and clients.
Perfect for the traveling business professional that does not need a full time office. Like the conference rooms, the day office is available to rent by the hour, and its included in most packages that we offer!
Each of our two conference rooms are equipped with big screen tv’s that are set up for video conferencing. With a laptop, or a remote portable camera (available upon request) you can work with clients worldwide on a face to face basis.
We know how important it is to have internet so we have two different providers. If one goes down, we fall back on the other one. In addition, we disburse the load in the building between the two providers. In doing so we can limit the latency time that any one tenant might put on the connection. On Connection is 50/10 and the other is 100/10 mbps.
Some executive suite companies charge “Cafeteria Plans”. These plans limit the use of the common area, unless you pay extra. However, we are not charging for our virtual office clients to use the common areas. We don’t like the “pay to play” model because we feel it’s not right.

Optional Services

Optional services we provide that no one else offers.

Two of the three LLC Members are licensed CPAs. One, Don Haney, who has had his license for 50 years. The other, Adam Haney, who has had his for over 10 years. See our bio section for more details.
We offer a very unique employee leasing model, that no one else does. We hire the employees, add them to our payroll and lease them back to the business owner (Who can also be on our payroll) this gives your group pricing for your benefits, HR support, and payroll including deductions.
CEO Holdings, LLC Offers numerous services that are normally not available to small startup companies. The support ranges from “think tank” type services all the way up to full administrative support.
Don’t have the time or want the overhead when it comes to dealing with copiers? Not to worry, we have a large range of different types of equipment. Our two high speed, industrial strength copiers can push out 50 pages per minute, each. Send us the PDF, tell us how many and how you would like it prepared and we will handle it from there. It simple, easy, and stress-free.
If you have to send out hundreds of pieces of mail and don’t want to spend the time doing it we are your service provider. You can send us the PDF tell us where to send them and we will handle it from there. We handle over 10,000 pieces per month, so not to worry we have it down to a science.
Need help setting up a wireless network, cloud based systems, Outlook, printers, or other types of common issues? Not to worry, we can handle it. We have onsite staff that can keep you away from long lines at the computer store.